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  1. My First Love

From the recording Eleventh Hour Sound

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Holy, Holy is the Lamb (repeat)
My First Love
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Creator of the Universe
The One Who Was and Is and Is to come You’re the One Who loved me first
I need Your Love
I need Your tender mercies
I need Your Love
I need Your Spirit too.. Guide Me (To You)

Holy Holy is the Lamb
Worthy, Worthy to be praised!
All Blessings and Honor and Glory and Power Be
To The Author and Finisher Of Our Faith

There You Are
Maker Of Heaven and Earth
You hung the stars in the sky
Knew me before my birth
Here I am, broken in need of your touch
My First Love!
Holy, Holy Is the Lamb

©Vincent Panigazzi All Rights Reserved MMXIX